President Biden likes to say that “politics is the art of the possible.”

Unlike the “Four Pinocchio’s” he received from The Washington Post for his false statements about the new Georgia election law, in this case he’s telling the truth.  And right now, it looks like getting the radical leftists in the U.S. House to vote for his $2.25 “infrastructure” bill may not be possible. 

With a minuscule 219 – 211 Democrat majority in the House, Biden can’t lose more than three votes on any given measure.  Right on cue, as soon as Biden unveiled his latest multi-trillion dollar boondoggle, socialist “Squad” leader Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said “this is not nearly enough.”

With that line drawn in the sand, Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer have a problem on their hands.

No Republicans are willing to vote for an “infrastructure” bill that spends so much money on things that aren’t related to infrastructure.  According to a Fox News analysis, “less than $750 billion of the spending fits even a broad definition of infrastructure.”  The unhinged Leftists are going to have to “go it alone.”

So, how much bigger can Democrat leaders in Congress go above the already horribly bloated $2.25 trillion price tag before losing the votes of the more moderate House Democrats from swing districts?  And if they do manage to pass a more expensive bill in the House, is it then dead on arrival in the deadlocked 50 – 50 Senate?

We’re about to find out if the Bernie Sanders-AOC led radicals will let Biden off the hook and agree to “wait until next time” for their socialist utopian wish list. 

With headlines coming out this week like “Progressives pressure Biden to pass $10T green infrastructure, climate justice bill,” it looks like the radicals are prepared to hold out for a lot more money right now.  And If Bernie and AOC don’t fight right now, there may not be enough political capital left “next time.”

Are the radicals more bark than bite?  Grab your popcorn. 

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